Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Deliveries are made betwen 4/5 days- one week after your order is made


All of our prices are calculated for quantities, and only after payment we make your order, to our prices it is added our tax of 23% .

Terms and conditions  www.coposcartao.com

1 . Identification of Account Holder of www.coposcartao.com

This site www.coposcartao.com is destined to disclosure and commercialize  goods and services, by PBP net comerce, Lda. , com sede na Rua Maria Pia Nº 70 1350-211 Lisboa, com o Contribuinte nº 514 695 285 e,  assigned by Copos Cartão.


2. In Extent of Terms and Conditions

  These present terms conditions are aplied to all users of our site www.coposcartao.com and others operacions and transactions, comercial and others, that may be made here.

When navigating  our site  or bying any of our products on our On-line store Copos Cartão, you are acepting our Terms and Conditions.

To Copos Cartão its reserved  right to change his Terms and Conditions, without any  previous warning, and they will be published here on Terms and Conditions, in coposcartao.com.


3. Policy of Intelectual Propertie

The coposcartao.com site and all of his possession are protected by an Law of Intelectual Propertie, especially his author and  his brands. Any use or reprodution, total or half, are prohibited, and are considered an felony, if not  conseted by coposcartao.com

The use of the name of coposcartao.com or  his Link for abusive purpose, without permission of his owner, it will be subject to appeal for appropriate legal means .

Copos Cartão its not responsible for improper placement of links, into www.coposcartao.com with other pages,  on the provenance of these pages, and the content on them enrolled.


4. Use and Privacy of Data

The use and processing  personal data in coposcartao.com site is responsibility of Copos Cartão in compliance with Law 67/98 of 26 October, on Personal Data Protection.

Copos Cartão ensures full protection,  privacy and confidentiality of personal data provided by his, customers afther registration, ordering and / or payment in coposcartao.com, such data and information are intended to be used by Copos Cartão to process orders and to place your personal data in our invoicing system.

If in case client doesn´t rejects it, all data and informations that are avaible, can be used by Copos Cartão to  promotional purposes, advertising and / or marketing , that will be processed by computer and stored in plastic cups database.


The data required to make payments, and his selection, are duly protected by our informatic system encrypting every  information wich content only Cospos Cartão have access.

Clients have right to acess, to change and to cancel their personal data. Selecting  “My Account”, you can consult  or change, edit your address book or change your password.

If you  no longer want to be a part of Copos Cartão database, you can exercise this right through these following means:

    - Email address: geral@coposcartao.com

    - Letter: Maria Pia Street # 70 - 1350-211 Lisboa

    - Telephone: 211 518 084 - Hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 19 pm


When consulting your data, it is requested to all users to give permission, to receive information about products and services, that might be in your interess. These autorization allows Copos cartão to use you personal data to do marketing in any Comunication Chanel, as for exemple, your e-mail adress, text message, or others ways of automatic calls

Copos Cartão will not commercialize  or share his database of his customers with third-party.


5. Policy of Informatic Security

This site coposcartao.com is gifted with a Security sistem, that insure protection of our database, that is givin by our users, and also prevent access to non authorizatied  data, and improper use, disclosure, loss or destruction.Users are responsible to ensure that his computer  is properly protected against malicious software, computer viruses and worms.

So it is recommended to have these security notions:

- Don´t use public computers to inser personal data, for exemple your credit card number

- Save and keep your personnal data

-Don´t forget your password and acess codes

- Clean regulary your computer files,

- delete all your private information on your computer disc

- use always an anti-virus in your computer

-- Make sure that your Windows is up dated (in case using Windows operating system). Use the Windows Automatic Updates. These help to fix potential security holes that may exist.


- Use an enabled firewall  : Have installed an firewall that blocks all attempts of external access to your computer, to make him less vulnerable.


6. Policy of On line prices of products and his information

The data, prices and specifications on this website are presented to only to inform, they are reserved to this site coposcartao.com with right to change any moment, his information and his comercial offer showed by : products, prices and promocial campains, comercial conditions and services.

We make necessary eforts to keep all information presented to be without typographic errors, and also, every time that could happen, we will,  as soon it is possible, correct them.

All prices and his specfications of our products are sujected to change without any warning.

The information avaible in this site coposcartao.com is totally free for his users and his acess doesn´t create any comercial or professional relationship between users and Copos Cartão


7. How to make your Online Order

To make your on-line order, here in coposcartao.com, first you have to make an registration, fill up form, that is avaible in  our site. All spaces have to be fill uped duly , or other wise your order will not be processed.

After being registered, you can add to your basquet all your products, you want.

For your order to be complited with sucess, you have to follow every step.

After your order is made, you have acpted all these Terms and Conditions of our site www.coposcartao.com

When you finished your purchase, you will receive an automatic e-mail to confirm your transaction.

After on-line order is made, Copos Cartão will confirm if the payment was made, and we will star the process do delivery your merchandize .

The date that will arrive your merchandize, it will be comunicated by an e-mail, after respective  payment is made, and confirmed on our Backoffice

If your personal data is incorrect you can make, immediately change it, and also cancell your  purchase.


8.  Important information to our Client


Our deliveries are made between 4 to 5 days, after  your order its made.

All our products are valued with 23% VAT to our normal client.

But if you are an professional and your fiscal number is registered on Intra-Community VAT system "VIES". Please tell us , we will valid your fiscal number, and  our VAT, will not be charged.


We have all types of plastic cups , we sell our products for minimum quantity and also full boxes.

We will be allways avaible to resolve any questions our doubts about your order.

Register in our site and you will have access to all our prices and conditions.

Contact us: geral@coposcartao.com - 00351 211 518 084 - Bruno Patricio


9. Products Availble on our Online Orders

Copos Cartão only process an order after you create your order on our on-line store, and also after confirmation of his payment, so it can´t garantee full disposable of every article, until the beginning of all his process.

These products are liable to our physical stock and his quality

Copos Cartão is committed to deliver your orders, duly conditioned, within 4 or 5 days, after confirmation of payment by your bank entity.

Copos Cartão only delivers in workdays. So it isn´t used weekend and holiday to estimate your delivery time

Any delivery are made between Monday to Friday, except holiday, between 09h to 18h.

Estimates of delivery dates are indicative only and are the responsibility of carriers.

Any delay that are confirmed in the expediction of those articles, respecting those dates that were presented by transporter company, it isn´t given any right to ask for an compensation

If by any chance we don´t have in our stock your products, Copos Cartão, will talk with his costumer by e-mail or by cellphone, in a date of 15 days afther the payment was recevied, to inform you a new deliverie time.

Copos Cartão can sugest to his client a product of his choice with qualitie and prices similar to change that product that wans´t avaible.

If a client refuses it , Copos Cartão will return his payment by given credit, that will give you chance to buy others products in our on TermsAndConditions;;TermsAndConditions;80;1;0;Termos e condições"